Announcing #PrayerChat (And a New Ministry for Me)

I’m excited to announce that this week I will be starting a part-time position as the Assistant to the Vicar at St. Richard’s of Chichester Episcopal Church of Lake Arrowhead. The main work I’m going to be doing for them will be helping to build a stronger online presence and craft an online ministry. I’m […]

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On Being Broke

Today, for the first time in months, no creditors called. None. I called a few and worked out a few remaining payment arrangements, but none called me. I want to feel good about myself, to congratulate myself for moving in the right direction, but I resist. Because this time, like so many before, the Universe […]

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Learning to Run Again

So, I’m just over two weeks into my 100 Days of Running challenge. I missed a bunch this weekend – I got stuck down the hill without running supplies because of car problems on Thursday, which killed my momentum and I let it wrangle me into a weekend-long pity party. Finally shoved myself out the […]

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Single on Sunday

On Sundays I drive to church along “Rim of the World” highway from where I can see downtown LA, to attend a smallish missional congregation. In this space, I am reminded that God is both vast and intimate. I love this place of worship, this community of faithful, where we recite the liturgy and ring the bells […]

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Excuse me while I pass out…

Heavy work day. Quilting encounter. Grief counseling. Ashes & eucharist. Climbing gym and bagging 1/2 of my ‘Lenten Practice’ wall. 1 mile run. And then I had leftover pancakes. *enter the sandman* Which means that this is the perfect time for sharing some pretty pictures I took recently of the snow. I love the snow… […]

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Learning to Choose Today

I love to plan. I love goals. I love dreams. But, as I mentioned, I kind of suck at the day-to-day part of life. I was having lunch with a friend recently and we were talking about this. Ok, we were actually talking about my ongoing inner battle with the fact that I’m not on […]

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Monday Meditation: Washing Dishes as Saying Grace

I’m not a person who is deeply fed by traditional devotional practices. I don’t sit down every morning to read particular scriptures. I don’t always pray before bed. When I’m alone I often don’t remember to say grace before eating in front of the computer. For as long as I’ve been an active Christian, I’ve struggled […]

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And then there was snow

The snow-dance (think ‘rain dance’ but with a frosty beverage) I did apparently worked. We got rain, then snow, then ice, then rain, then snow, then more ice, then more rain, all summed up with some pretty miserable fog this evening. I’ve been inside for two days. As in 48 hours. Finally, I couldn’t take […]

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