Winter comes...

The Beauty of Liminal Spaces

lim·i·nal (ˈlimənl)adjective 1. of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process. 2. occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold. Advent is precious to me. Christmas, of course, is fun with its presents and family traditions and joyous celebrations of Christ’s birth, but Advent is precious. Advent […]

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Wandering Back From an Adventure

Sometimes Gandalf shows up at your door. “We have dragons to slay” he says. Sometimes you insist that you must stay where you are. That your life is good, finally. Sure, there are uncomfortable edges, but it is good. You have plans for the future, a family to build, a home to keep, work to […]

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Handfuls of Blessings

In the hallway, outside the IT department my colleague hands me her spare bottle of blessing oil.   Be careful, she say, it’s been leaking.   I grasp it, feel the slick oil cover the palm of my hand and spill forth through my fingers.   Want me to wipe it off? she asks. No, […]

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To Lisa, With Love, On The Occasion of Your Commissioning

This is the first of a new series of public love letters I’m writing to people in my life, based loosely on the idea of Love Bombs, as articulated by the exquisite Melissa Meyers. I have imagined featuring this series on Sundays (as this is how I find Church) and since my dear friend, Elisa White, […]

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I have no idea the source on this picture, but I found it hilarious and absolutely LOVE it. Thank you Facebook.

On (Not) Being Beautiful

I was hashing this out with my darling friend Maria, whose perspective is delightfully different from my own, and it struck such a note with my soul that I thought I should share it here. Maybe it will speak to you. Maybe it won’t. But this is me. Let me start by saying that I […]

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Things not to do: google "adoption quotes". Unless of course, you want to weep.

In which I am adopting…

I’ve been struggling to write this post for days and days now. I’ve started and deleted it more times than usually happens. How do I talk about the decision to adopt? To become a single parent? To do so despite all the things that are going on in my life? There’s a lot of things […]

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Found this on Pinterest - I don't know the source but I kind of love it.

“God won’t give you more than you can handle” (a rant)

There is a lot going on in my life. A lot. With more brewing on the horizon. When the Ph.D. application process hit me over the head, I almost didn’t follow through on it. Seriously – the school emailed me, I spoke with the director of admission who implied very strongly that I should apply (without, of […]

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So. The Ph.D. Story…

You guessed it – there’s more to this story. I’ve wanted to get a Ph.D. for a very long time. Ever since, oh, my first college class. It was more than just a case of hero-worship for my professors – I wanted to do what they did: make obscure and complicated subjects interesting, relevant and […]

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To Mom, on Mother’s Day

For her birthday, my mom asked people to write letters to her. That was two months ago. I’ve not yet written her letter, not because I’ve not had time (although I haven’t). Not because I didn’t have anything to say (I do). Not because I didn’t want to write it (I do). Mostly because I can’t […]

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