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57 Beginner Hikes in the Inland Empire

There is Hiking In Them There Hills…

To the East of Los Angles sprawl Riverside and San Bernardino County. This is region, known as the Inland Empire, is home to a vast array of biological diversity as well as a sprawling suburban population.

From most of the suburban developments you see or pass through areas of wilderness – open spaces left un-developed to provide for essential water absorption. These areas are home to a wonderful variety of trails in a wide variety of ability levels.

How do you get started?

Many of these trails have been hiked and recorded, but the resources are scattered across a wide variety of web sites and apps. If you’re not a local, or if you’re not hooked into a local hiking community because you’re just getting started, how can you find a good beginner hiking trail in the Inland Empire?

After years of hiking and working in all corners of this region I am familiar with, or have hiked, the majority of the beginner trails in the area. Because this info is so scattered, I finally pulled together my favorite resources into one document.

I was SHOCKED with the sheer number of beginner hikes that I came up with. I curated the list down and still came up with 57 beginner hikes in the Inland Empire. With such a wide variety, you could hike one a week and still have well over a year of new areas to explore!

I’m giving this little e-book away for free, but that doesn’t make me any less proud of it. I was a beginner hiker for 4 years, and I feel that this collection is sort of my ‘graduation’ project as I begin to take on more advanced hikes and adventures this summer.

What, you’re already way too advanced for this?

Guess what, I thought I had done a bunch of hiking. Truly, I have. Especially at the ‘beginner’ level. However, as I was doing the research for this I found some delicious trails that I had either missed or which circumstances had caused me to back-burner. My goal is to complete the list again before the end of 2017! Every hike is unique, get out there and do your old favorites again or try something new. Follow me on Instagram (@Wilderness_Found) – I’ll use the hashtag #IEBeginnerHikes to document this adventure.

Ready to get started? Get yours now!