10 Things I Learned From Spending A Summer Behind a Computer

This summer I spent an inordinate amount of time behind a computer, and decidedly limited amounts of time outside, exercising, standing, doing anything beyond the screen. I did do some physical work on the cabin to transition it to a full-time rental property, but even that was limited. It wasn’t my plan, but somewhere around […]

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Wind – or Being Scrubbed Clean

The winds in Southern California are epic. You don’t hear about them outside of our region much because once you’ve lived here for any period of time it’s just a part of life. Like rain in the winter or sun in the Summer, and they come with a similar regularity. Offshore in the fall, bring […]

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The Lure of a Comfortable Life

I had big plans for this summer. So many adventures. So many projects. So many goals.

Having an end-of-the-season birthday always makes the beginning of summer somewhat of a renewal time for my New Year’s resolutions. I was going to lose weight, exercise, write, have adventures and become the woman I imagine I can be in […]

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How Not To Call 9-1-1

I was 15 the first time I called 9-1-1.

I was working the counter during an evening shift at the local shotgun range. My slightly older co-worker was out “pulling”(pushing the button that releases the target) for the Wednesday night crew. These guys came every week and played this game where about 15 guys would stand […]

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My Happiness Year – 5 Things I Learned About Cultivating Happiness & Mental Health

At the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016, my life felt like everything was falling apart. My job was disintegrating, literally disappearing before my eyes while I still remained employed and I knew that any day I could (and probably would) be handed a pink slip. I was in the worst parts of my […]

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To Overweight to Adventure?

Buying a new sleeping bag is a big deal.

Seeping bags last years (hopefully) and make up a major portion of your weight calculations when you’re backpacking. A good sleeping bag makes the difference between a night of rest and a sleepless night in the backcountry. Or when car camping.

The sleeping bags I’ve been camping with […]

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