The #SummerOfAdventure Challenge 2017

What if THIS summer was as exciting as your childhood summers?

When was a kid, summers were a great time of adventures. School was out and time stretched before me. My mom was a teacher so she was off work and we often went on trips and adventures as a family. I always went to summer camp, which was so superior to school! From playing in the back yard to climbing mountains to driving across the country, summer was a time to get outside and adventure.

Then I grew up.

Summer became a time like any other time – trapped behind a desk or in a car sweating it out in traffic. Adventure fell by the wayside in favor of responsibilities and planned vacations and working longer hours.

I’m taking back summer from the clutches of the office, from the doldrums of the mundane. 

But I can’t do it without YOU!

It’s time for a #SummerOfAdventure.

What will your summer look like? What will your memories be in September? Are you ready to create memories of your #summerofadventure that will be amazing to retell this fall?

Join me for the 2017 Summer of Adventure (#summerofadventure) challenge!

It’s 10 weeks of prompts and photo challenges to get you started adventuring in small and big ways. You’ll get weekly topic challenge and inspiration from other Instagrammers. Oh, and it’s completely free

Sign up here for the weekly emails and then join us on IG with the hashtag #summerofadventure (don’t worry if you’re late to the party – we go all Summer!)

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